Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat

    Mount Ararat

    Mount Ararat

    Coordinates: 39 ° 42′16 ″ K 44 ° 18′05 ″ D (Map)

    Mount Ararat

    Ararat, Masis, Ku


    Highest point


    5.137 m (16.853 ft 8 in)


    3.611 metre (11.847 ft)


    379 kilometers (235 mi)


    Latitude: 39 ° 42 ′ 0 ″ North Longitude: 44 ° 17 ′ 0 ″ East



    DoğubayazıtAğrı, Türkey


    Armenian Plateau


    Mountain type



    First climber

    October 9, 1829, Friedrich Parrot

    Mount Ararat

    The highest mountain of Turkey; Mount Ararat, because of its geological position and, hosting the Noah's Ark after the Great Flood, has a legendary feature. Mount Ararat, which is also mentioned in the holy books, has many names in different languages. The most important ones are Ararat, Kuh - i Nuh, Jabal ul Haris.
    According to records; the first climb to the mountain, which Marco Polo said was never going to be climbed, was recorded on October 9, 1829 by Frederik Von Parat.
    Its height is 5165 m.
    Its location rises near the borders of Iran in Eastern Anatolia. (Between Aras and Murat Rivers)
    Climbing Time: The best time for climbing is July, August and September. Winter climbing is challenging but enjoyable.
    Properties: Mount Ararat (5165 m.) is the highest peak of the Anatolian Peninsula and Europe. It is a volcanic mountain consisting of basalt up to 4000 meters and later andesite lavas.


    Best Times to Climb Mount Ararat:

    May 15 - September 15: Suitable for summer climbings
    October 1 - February 28: Suitable for winter climbings, and challenging
    March 1 - April 30: Suitable for ski tours