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    www.ararattours.com and the www.araratsguide.pl website Istanbul, Turkey-based Noah depends on Ararat Tourism Travel Agency. Noah Ararat Tourism Travel Agency, TURSAB (Turkey Tourist Agencies Association) A class - license number: 7261 is registered as

    With our 35 years of experience
    We serve with our English speaking guides
    Hiking, trekking, mountaineering, skiing and all the mountains in Turkey and you can contact us for cultural tours ... Ararat, Noah Travel Agency


    Mehmet ÇEVEN (agency owner and professional mountaineer)
    Mehmet Ceven was born on 01/01/1979 in Topçatan, a village of Mount Ararat, He spent his childhood on an elevation of 2700 m on Mount Ararat with the nomads. He followed his father’s footstep to become a mountain guide. At the age of 14, he became a professional guide. He has climbed to the summit of Mount Ararat many times and the first time was with his father at the age of 12. He has been on the summit of Mount Demavent on 5650m in Iran for 20 times. Also, he reached the summit of Kilimanjaro on 6000m in Tanzania. In addition, he is a licenced mountain guide and the Vice President of DAKUT and Dogubeyazit Mountaineering and Tourism Development. He has worked with many travel agencies for mountain trekking tours on Mount Ararat. In 2012, he decided to startup a business with Ahmet Ertugrul (Parasüt )  by setting up NUHARARAT Travel Agency.
    He is also a member of the Ark Search team led by Ahmet Ertugrul to work with NAMI Hong Kong.

    Mount Ararat to as a child we feel happy!
    Mehmet, “I am a child of Mount Ararat. I feel happy here and want to share my happiness with our guests. I will continue to bring people to this natural landscape as long as I am alive.”
    Languages: English, Polish


    Metin ÇEVEN ( Agency owner Ararat's Guide )
    I was born on 10/09/1985 in Topçatan Village at the foot of Mount Ararat in Doğubayazıt.
    I lived in Topçatan Village until I was 10. Mountaineering is my father's profession, and I've grown up in love with mountaineering job, the father's profession, and Mount Ararat, which I have always seen. When I was a kid, I always wanted to go to the mountains with my father. But I had to wait till I was 16. When I was 16, I went to the summit of Mount Ararat for the first time with my father HALİS ÇEVEN.
    It was an incredible feeling. After my first summit on Mount Ararat, I liked this profession more. I had seen the summit of Mount Ararat, which most people thought no one would be able to climb to the summit, when I was a child, and I chose my profession. I would be a good mountaineer like my father, and my elder brother MEHMET ÇEVEN who practiced this profession for years with my father. I started to imagine countless summits to the summit of Mount Ararat and I started to realize this dream with the tours that my elder brother organized. I have been at the peaks of the mountains many times, but I do not know the exact number. Then I started going to other mountains. In Turkey; I climbed to the top of Mount Nemrut, Mount Süphan and Kaçkar Mountains. I added the summit of Demavant Mountain in İran, which has a height of 5671 mt, to my experience. Yeah, I'm in love with my profession. I have loved and done this profession for many years as an amateur. In 2009, I got my first mountaineering certificate from the Provincial Sports Directorate and continued doing this profession professionally. Then, in 2012, I have successfully received my Mount Ararat field guidance document.
    The date is 2019 and yes, I am here to develop this wonderful profession I have done for years by learning from my family.
    I'm waiting for everyone who is in love with the mountains.
    How would you like to go to Mount Ararat adventure with me?
    In our activities with you; You will get to know me better and understand what I mean by experience.
    NOTE: Success is doing a job with love ...
    Language english


    Name: Harun
    Surname: Ceven
    Date of birth : 19.12.2001
    Education: University student Computer department
    Mountaineering history. 5 years
    Foreign language : English
    Task. Licensed Local mountain guide
    Abaut:I was born in Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı on December 19, 2001, the stories my grandfather Halis Çeven told me in my childhood impressed me a lot and since that day, mountain guidance has become more than a job for me When I was 6 years old, my first experience was with my grandfather Halis Çeven climbing the Ararat mountain of 2,800 meters. Journalist Nazım Alpman talked about me in his news: He has his grandson Harun with him. The little six-year-old mountaineer holds his grandfather's hand with one hand and tightly clings to his small drumstick (climbing stick) with the other. He will come with us until a certain height and then return. Like his grandfather and father, he will be a great mountain guide in the future! . my childhood heroes, especially my grandfather Halis Çeven, my father Mehmet çeven and my uncle Metin çeven, I always wanted to be like them now step by step in their footsteps

    1. Safety of your travel and money:

    TÜRSAB, Travel Agents and Travel Agents Association, which results in the removal of laws related to the Travel Agents Association of Turkey was founded in 1972; Law No. 1618, valid from 28 September 1972.

    According to Turkish law, EVERYONE directly participating in tourist services must register their activities with the Ministry of Tourism and TURSAB, where they must obtain a license to provide such services. This is the equivalent of our Tourism Center Registry and List, maintained by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, where anyone can check whether travel agents or any intermediaries are legal.

    www.ararattours.com, www.nuhararat.com and www.araratsguide.pl websites belong to Nuh Ararat Tourism Travel Agency registered with TURSAB. License number - 7261 (check it out!).

    To protect your security, be sure to check each manual and service provider before paying!


    2.Safety in an emergency in the mountains:

    Mehmet and Halis (father) and younger brother Metin are active members of the Search and Rescue Association - DAKUT (Doğubayazıt Search and Set Up Team) in Doğubayazıt. This is the counterpart of TOPR. Mehmet and his father founded the organization. Halis is its president today, Mehmet and Metin are mountain saviors. They carry hundreds of memories of the action and often the mindless behavior of the guide, which arose as a result of the irresponsible behavior of the tourist.

    In case of an emergency in the mountains, DAKUT will only be able to provide assistance to tourists on permit. DAKUT uses equipment (such as a helicopter) located in Doğubayazıt and the entry permit must be approved by the commander there. Therefore, make sure your directory has authorization for you and your group.

    3.You need to know that ONLY qualified, trained and licensed guides can make it to the top. Please ask for your identity when organizing an expedition with any guide offering their services in Ağrı.

    4.Our reference

    Search and rescue association dogubayazıt DAKUT
    Doğubayazıt search and rescue DNAK

    Doğubayazıt tourism association Dobat
    Research and development association palaca and faith
    Nuh Ararat resort
    Noah ararat travel agency