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Mount Ararat Tour 10 Days

    Mount Ararat Tour 10 Days

      İn a nutshell

    1-Flight to Istanbul and one night stay at the hotel.

    2-Flight from Istanbul to Ağrı (Go to Doğubayazıt and stay at a hotel for one night.)  

    3- Going to the first camping area of ​​Mount Ararat and camping there. (3200 meters)

    4- Trekking to the second camping area and returning to the first camping area. (To adapt to the climate and atmosphere.)

    5- Go to the second camping area (4200 meters) and camp there.

    6-Arriving at the summit of Mount Ararat and returning to the first camping area. One night camping there. (3200 meters)

    7- Return to Doğubayazıt and start the cultural tour. Then I stay at the hotel for one night.

    8-Flying from Ağrı to Istanbul and overnight at the hotel.

    9-Istanbul cultural tour

    10- Taking the guests to the airport.


    Mount Ararat 10 Days

    Day 1 : Meeting at Istanbul airport and then transfer to the hotel.

    Day 2 : Go to Doğubayazıt district and arrive at the hotel there.

    Day 3 : Departure to Mount Ararat at 7.30 am. It goes to 2200 meters. Then he starts trekking towards the base camp. The first camping site, located at an altitude of 3200 meters, is reached after a 4-6 hour hike. Eat dinner and then relax.

     Day 4 : Getting used to altitude : After breakfast, start walking at 09:00 in the morning. After a 4 or 6 hour hike, the second camping area at an altitude of 4200 meters is reached . Return to the first camping area (3200 m) after resting for an hour at the second campsite (4200 m).

     Day 5: Having   breakfast and moving to the second camp site at 9:00 am. Arrive at the second campsite after a four or five hour hike and camp. Rest and have dinner. Sleeping after dinner, before going to the top.

     Day 6: At   2.30, we set out for the Ağrı summit. After five or six hours to reach the top. Take photos and set out for the second camping site at an altitude of 4200 meters. After an hour of rest, set out to camp overnight at the first camping site at 3200 meters altitude. 

    7. Day : After breakfast at 8:00 in the morning , going to Doğubayazıt city center. In the afternoon, go to Doğubayazıt cultural tour and have dinner in the city center after the tour and return to the hotel.

    8. Day:   After breakfast at the hotel in the morning, transfer to Iğdır or Ağrı airports to Istanbul. After coming to Istanbul, go to the hotel and rest there.

    9. Day: Going for a city-sightseeing in Istanbul and coming back to the hotel in the evening.

    Day 10:  Taking guests to the airport.

    Performed Services
    1-Airport transportation according to schedule .
    2- Breakfast at the hotel according to the program, All meals on the mountain
    3-Permission from Ankara for the climbing of Ararat
    4- entrance fee (per person) for the national park, Ararat
    5- Licensed Kurdish mountain tour guide English
    6- Kurdish cook
    7-Food and Beverages - full board - all inclusive on the mountain
    8-Tents for two persons & thermo mats (single person tents additional charge)
    9-Luggage transport by horses on mountains
    On the mountain everyone only carries a day-pack , for the climbing there will be lunch packages. In the evening there will be a warm meal.
    F = Breakfast M = Lunch L = Lunch package A =
    10-Tour and summit certificate

    Please contact us for more details and requests and to complete your booking and process any required authorization or visa support.